About us

The team here at EROY has been building variations of electric bikes and motorcycles for years, trying to find the most elegant and functional platform.

This journey has taken us to every corner of the industry from a lively electric motorcycle to a nimble modern take on an electric dirt bike. The evolution of development continues day by day in a quest to break the boundaries of predictable design and offer the utmost quality for each client. The ARC bike is a byproduct of our previous endeavors merging unique design elements, high fashion, and modern engineering. EROY is based out of North Carolina and sources the finest craftsman from around the United States whether its design, upholstery, or welding. For those looking to turn heads while they ride and support high quality American made goods, choose a brand that never settles, choose EROY. To contact us for any questions, comments, or to schedule a one on one ARC personalization appointment, email us or contact us here.